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Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) - 3159 Words

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for operating all your enterprise’s relationships and interactions with your clients and future clients (What is CRM.) The CRM industry has been molded by monolithic trends over its lifetime. Back in the late 90s, intranets, extranets and the internet altered CRM into more collaborative approaches. The move to cloud has transformed CRM and the relative merchant success. It has definitely encouraged several more users to implement CRM solutions. Five trends have been shaping CRM which include plug-ins, big data, mobile CRM, democratization of CRM, and gamification of CRM. Standard out-of-the-box CRM software doesn’t always include all the functionality that organizations demand. Even†¦show more content†¦These devices take into account profiling clients based on their actions, dividing markets and forecasting client purchases based on prior buying information and psychographic/demographic records, as well as uncovering cross-sell opportunities. The growth of Internet traffic, social networking, mobile phones and cloud computing will produce an immense increase in unstructured data, heading to an expanded demand for business analytics software that merges text analytics, sentiment extraction, and interrelated technologies to find examples and tendencies among social network, mobile phone, and cloud computing users (Seven Business and Technology Trends in CRM Software). Big data CRM s objective is to merge internal CRM data with client sentiment data that occurs outside of the organization’s existing structure, such as on social media platforms. By finding patterns and inclinations in this data, sales opportunities and modifications to product and service offerings can be made to increase revenue. Firms using big data in combination with CRM intend to have systems that can manage data in real time and therefore bond with clients quicker. Analytics is of utmost concern to businesses looking to accomplish big data CRM. The other vital concern for firms is pulling together inbound and outbound interactions with clients across all networks so that analytics can be utilized. Consumer data silos

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Theory of Moral Sentimen Adam Smith Essay - 808 Words

Unfortunately, the vast majority of human trades do not require imagination - they do not even require intelligence. Why employ a doctor with 8+ years of schooling, if his job could be automated? The problem with this premise is that innovation generally requires an affluent background. First off education is a must. The person who could cure cancer has probably been born many times over already - but most likely in the inner city somewhere, and will never be given the education for his/her intelligence and skills to bear fruition. Secondly, innovation requires leasure time. Bill Gates tinkered in his parents garage on their dime - its unlikely he would have founded Microsoft if he was working 12 hours a day in a coal mine. And†¦show more content†¦The problem with most Marxist theories is they treat capitalism as some kind of entity that has a devious underlying purpose. Capitalism is no more than the chosen actions of individuals, more a verb than a noun in this context. Individuals make the decisions of whether or not to trade one good for another because they feel the good they receive has more benefit than the one they provide as compensation. If human innovation sits on the sidelines, it does so of our own choosing, the robots are just an excuse we use to become complacent. Now it is very possible and probable that people who own businesses seek a means to drive down the costs of labor, labor is expensive after all. But so what? All of those big nasty profits these companies get instead dont just sit in some Scrooge McDuck vault somewhere never again to see the light of day, they are typically reinvested elsewhere. These things that get reinvested into also provide sources of employment, and more hiring competition, placing checks and balances on the cost of labor. Marxist theories might work great if humanity brought them to their logical conclusion and abolished all notions of individual personal property, until we can convince or coerce every single individual to give up any notion of ownership it remains a pipe dream with very little grounding in reality and generally

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Identity Construction An Integral Component Of Human...

Identity construction is an integral component of human species. For centuries, artists have expressed their personal identity of self and society through their works. Constructing identity literally involves life experiences, relationships, and connections; a solid mental or emotional stamp on a human. The word identity is defined as the set of personal and behavioral characteristics, the state of mind in which someone recognize their character. This theme is often expressed in books, novels or basically any other piece of literature so that the reader can intrigue themselves and relate to the characters and their emotions. Most influence age for a construction of identity was probably Victorian era. This period in Britain was one of huge industrial and technological change, shocking divisions between rich and poor as well as individualized narratives of great men building fortunes from nothing. Charles Dickens is the most famous Victorian novelist; his Christmas Carol is mostly a disapproval of 19 century Victorian England division between society classes. His novel is full of characters that best exemplified the damage done by absolute fear of the English aristocracy. Though the plot is set during Christmas holiday, its message is one to which every person, everywhere can relate. The determinate pursuit of wealth comes at a great price. The devotion into selfishness, Dickens show, is a slippery hill; the more we admire the ‘golden desire’, the easier it is to forget theShow MoreRelated Portrayal of Machines During the Industrial Revolution Essay2202 Words   |  9 PagesRevolution.   If we are convinced that written historical text is unbiased truth, images provide another doorway through which we access the past. The simplicity of a pencil drawing or the lavish stroke of oil reminds us that the past we see is a construction, an impression, a feeling. Whether the machine was imagined as a toy, or the picture of scientific clarity depended on the artist and the audience for whom the image was created.   Revolutionized by the advent of the steam engine, improvementsRead MoreGlobalisation and Environmental Issues2843 Words   |  11 Pages top managers and research and development activities in their home countries leaving huge areas such as South and Central Asia and the bulk of Africa untouched by globalisation (Guillen 2001). However MNC’s do relocate lower skill, lower wage components to other parts of the world that have less environmental regulations. Convergence debates see the world as a whole benefitting from globalisation however there is more inequality across and within countries. Today more inequality exists comparedRead MoreSexually Transmitted Diseases35655 Words   |  143 Pagesthe recognition and appreciation of the application of scientific principles are of utmost importance. If the resources of our world are to be properly utilized for the enhancement of man’s life, then an understanding of the responsibilities that human beings have to each other and their environment must be developed. Embedded in this portfolio is a wealth of information covering many aspects of science and will therefore play a major part in preparing citizens who can survive in the changing worldRead MoreReflective Account of ....10187 Words   |  41 Pageshospital and clinics. AMO working in the ED are competent in the provision of emergency cares and function as the main front liner care provider that includes provision of emergency treatment, stabilization, definitive care and function as an important component of the Trauma Team (Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH), 2005). ED function as a core business at government hospitals, it plays a crucial role in the emergency treatment of patients. In addition the department also plays a role in pre hospital careRead MoreDatabase Design and Implementation38677 Words   |  155 Pageshowever, it is helpful to think conceptually of the table structures you will use to store the data, code that you will use to help maintain the integrity of the data (or to enforce business rules), and the user interface as distinct components, distinct components that have their own places in the design and implementation phases of the database life cycle. both building better database systems and for understanding some of the problems that exist in legacy data, especially those entered intoRead MoreThe Land Occupancy Laws And The Impacts Of Traditional Land Use On The Aboriginal Community10176 Words   |  41 Pagesrecording this information are valuable in benefiting not only the inhabitants but also the political and governmental agencies that seek to integrate their group into their planning and management of the lands. Anthropology can be defined as the study of humans in the present and the past, and to comprehend the full complexity and sweep of cultures throughout the history of humankind. The role of the anthropologists are to draw and build on their knowledge gathered from biological and social sciences, inRead MoreTraveler Import Car, Incorporated Case Study7098 Words   |  29 Pagesproductivity. The following theories mentioned below can be used in order to improve and motivate the employees in Traveller Import Cars. Understanding the Needs of Employees – Appendix Table 6 The Theory helps an organisation to understand human behaviour, understand individual needs and to then select appropriate motivational strategies for individual employees. Different things motivate different individuals depending on the level of Hierarchy they belong to as shown in Figure 3. Using thisRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesCentury †¢ Jose C. Moya and Adam McKeown 9 †¢ 2 Twentieth-Century Urbanization: In Search of an Urban Paradigm for an Urban World †¢ Howard Spodek 53 3 Women in the Twentieth-Century World Bonnie G. Smith 83 4 The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century †¢ Jean H. Quataert 116 5 The Impact of the Two World Wars in a Century of Violence †¢ John H. Morrow Jr. 161 6 Locating the United States in Twentieth-Century World History Read MoreCorporate Social Responsibility10163 Words   |  41 Pagesfundamentally based upon performance and profit, it is not unusual to find that it is necessary to impart a sense of corporate social responsibility with regard to contemporary commerce. The ethical approaches of purpose, principle and consequence are integral components of business social performance; itemizing these contributions finds one incorporating the interests of ethics and morality within the corporate structure, essential concepts that are often absent from a managerial standpoint. Chapters two andRead MoreSustainable Solutions Paper wk 7 draft16370 Words   |  66 Pagesto delay new equipment purchases until their businesses have evidence of such a recovery and their leaders feel more secure in making such an investment. With continuing problems in multiple economic and jobs sectors, including housing, retail, construction, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and information (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2010), the economy looks to be an external force which directly and indirectly affects Dell and the decisions of the firm’s leaders

The Article The Climate Crisis At The End Of Our Fork ...

The articles â€Å"The Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork† by Anna Lappe and â€Å"Why Bother?† by Michael Pollan urge us to see the connections between food and the environment. In the article â€Å"The Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork†, Lappe insists the methods used in food production and distribution have a massive impact on the planet. In the article â€Å"Why Bother†, Pollan provides us reasons why people should bother to help stop global warming. There are three main causes between food production and food distribution that play a big role in global warming. Changing the way food is produced and distributed could diminish the dangerous effects of global warming. However, in order to stop global warming everyone has to assist as a group instead of individuals. Deforestation plays a big role in global warming. The â€Å"land use connection† referred to as â€Å"land use changes† is a huge contributor to global greenhouse gas em issions. Land use change involves all the destructions of land in order to produce and distribute food. Every year rainforests are demolished for agriculture intentions. â€Å"The biggest factors are the destruction of vital rainforests through burning and clearing and the elimination of wetlands† (Lappe 753). Deforestation of these habitats leads to the discharge carbon dioxide into the environment. Agriculture contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions. The â€Å"agriculture connection† is any direct impacts agriculture has on climatic change. â€Å"Carbon dioxide is theShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of A Nation s Industrialized Food System Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effects of a Nation’s Industrialized Food System Our nation’s modern industrial farming has become more than only feeding people; it has become a way for the food industry to make more money as human population continues to grow. The food industry has transformed not only how people eat, but also has had negative effect on our climate as a result of factory farming as illustrated by Anna Lappe in â€Å"The Climate Crisis at the End of Our Fork†. Jonathan Safran Foer in his book Eating Animals, illustratesRead MoreEating Animals By Jonathan Safran Foer Essay1608 Words   |  7 PagesOur nation’s industrial farming has become more than just feeding people; it has become a way for the food industry to make more money as human population continues to grow. Jonathan Safran Foer in his book Eating Animals, illustrates the effects factory farming has had on animals meant for human consumption. Furthermore, Foer asks many questions to the reader on what will it take for us to change our ways before we say enough is en ough. The questions individuals need to be asking themselves are:

Comunication for Distance Learning Free Essays

Hi Mom, This morning after I left your house, in my way to work I had a little car accident. I am okay mom, not to worry, nothing happened to me or the babies. This lady was taking on the phone, and of course she never saw my car. We will write a custom essay sample on Comunication for Distance Learning or any similar topic only for you Order Now Now I understand why you are always telling me not to use my cell phone when driving. Thank god, RJ, Madison and Melanie are ok, just a little bit scare (yes mom they had seatbelt). I’m taking the day off to deal whit my insurance. Love you Write a formal letter of 100 to 200 words to the insurance company . Use salutations and sign-offs where appropriate. October 2, 2012 To: UNITED AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE P. O. BOX 60125 NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, 33160 From: Meghan Serra 4928 lane 8 ct Cape coral, Florida, 33891 Policy number: UHD 565635695326 Dear Sir or Madam: I am writing to inform you that I was involve in a car accident with another vehicle on September 28, 2012. I was driving on Skyline from east to west toward Pelican road. On this day I was driving my black 2005 Toyota, a red 2003 ford explorer rear ended my car in the back left. There was not damage to the other car and no one was injured at the moment of the accident, but I have some minor dents on my car . The other person involved in the accident claims, that she did not saw my car. I quickly call the police to proceed with the report. The report number is 251233, please let me know if more information is needed. Sincerely Meghan. Communicating for Distance Learning ( Part 2) Anthony It is really important to use inclusive language when communicating in class forum because this is the only way to connect with classmates and instructor. This is how we can get our point across and engage whit each other s. I also recommend avoiding language that is exclusive to one group, trying to use language that is inclusive, nonsexist, or gender neutral. I suggest you in the future when communicating either in a forum, email o text to follow two simple rules. First, you should never address an audience like you mention in your email â€Å"Hi guys â€Å", people can get really offended. Secondly when you said â€Å"I was surprised because she had a lot of good things to say â€Å"you sound really racist towards woman, that comment did not have anything to do with the topic . Three pointers for how to prevent these mistakes in the future you should always read what you write twice, check for spelling capitalization and proper use of grammar. Second keep in mind your audience; do not personalize your message. And last be professional and respectful of others opinions and beliefs. Communicating for Distance Learning (Part 3) Written tone is very important; this is the only representing that my classmates have of myself. Tone is present in all type of communication activities, the tone of the message is a reflection of me and it does affect how the reader will perceived my message. In my opinion I think is beneficial to Taylor each and every communication I write, and question the audience before you start the process of writing. Ask yourself, who will read my document? Or what is the purpose of my document? And who is my audience? Tailor your message to your audience to improve their comprehension and realize the different tone to use whit families and people in the work environment. How to cite Comunication for Distance Learning, Essay examples

Sailor Moon free essay sample

This has been a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time. I’m an absolutely die-hard fan of Sailor Moon, and part of that is because it served as my childhood introduction to feminism. That might be a little bit hard to believe, considering the super heroines of the show are known for outfits not much more revealing than Wonder Woman’s. Silly outfits aside (you get used to them), this show was absolutely groundbreaking. Its protagonists are 10 realistically flawed, individual and talented teenage girls (and women) who, oh, you know. Save the world. First, let me take you back in time to the summer of 1995. I’m a 9-year-old Canadian girl with a lot of time on her hands. I’m bored out of my mind, because there’s very little on television that appeals to me. Sure, there were shows made for girls back then. But they were  Care Bears  and  My Little Pony  (and I sure as heck doesn’t mean the Lauren Faust version) and obviously meant for very young girls. Jem and  She-Ra  are long since off the air, and the Powerpuff Girls won’t premiere for another 3 years. Generally, my choices were gender-neutral shows like  Alvin amp; The Chipmunks, or male-audience shows like the 90s revival of  Spider-Man. I wanted a little action. And, bless the alignment of the stars; I see this commercial for this new show called Sailor Moon. The stars aligned so perfectly that I happened to tune in on August 28th, 1995, the day that Sailor Moon premiered on YTV. I was hooked after one episode, and I can honestly say that this show changed my life. So why is Sailor Moon feminist, besides having a mostly female cast? I have decided to take a page from my previous  feminist Disney Princess essay  and go through the characters individually, and explain why I, as a feminist, value them. Although I initially got into Sailor Moon via the English version, I will be basing my analysis off of the Japanese version of the series. I have long since felt that the English version does a disservice to its fans by making the characters immature, censoring homosexuality, and stereotyping what it is to be a teenager. I will also plead artistic license on the spelling and order of the names. So, without further adieu, the Sailor Soldiers. Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino: Our heroine. Our very flawed heroine. And how refreshing that is! Instead of a very boring Superman who could do no wrong, here was a fairly young teenager thrown into an overwhelming situation, and reacting negatively to it. She’s clumsy, she’s a glutton, she’s a cry baby. And that’s okay! Teenagers are allowed to have flaws, and superheroes should too. Usagi has demonstrated time and time again that her love for her friends and family is more important to her than anything else in the world. She will give anything, including her life, to make sure that they live on in peace and happiness. As we see in flashbacks during the R movie, she’s the type of person who is willing to be friends with everyone, including the loners and the outcasts. She’s got a tremendously strong moral compass, and is a consummate optimist. Her relationship with Mamoru is firmly established as one of unconditional trust, support, and equality. Overall, Usagi’s character establishes that a good leader does not have to be someone unrealistically perfect. A good leader just needs to care for  everyone  equally. Sailor Mercury/Ami Mizuno: Ami is by far the most popular character in the show (on both sides of the Pacific). It has been theorized that this is because she exhibits the character traits most valued in Japanese society. She’s incredibly studious, brilliant, analytical, and humble (some might even say submissive). What I appreciated most about Ami is how she approaches situations with logic rather than with emotion. Her style of fighting is mostly defensive, so she acts in a support role on the team. She is by no means not valued by the others, as they often turn to her to give the answers that intuition alone cannot determine. In her civilian life, we see that she is very shy, and is sometimes uptight. She also exhibits a tendency to be insecure, and has taken it very hard that her devotion to her studies has ostracized her from her peers. Ami’s character establishes that even the most mature teenager doubts themselves sometimes, and that it’s okay to do so. It’s very feminist to say that we’re allowed to see doubts in ourselves, and that it’s okay to play a supporting role rather than to be a leader. Sailor Mars/Rei Hino: Rei’s character is probably the most unfairly treated by the fans, and especially by the dub. Yes, she and Usagi argue all the time. Friends sometimes do that. One aspect of Rei’s character that gets lost in translation is just how close she is to Usagi. The inners usually refer to each other with the â€Å"-chan† suffix, which usually denotes a female friend. Rei, however, just calls Usagi â€Å"Usagi. † To leave off a suffix indicates incredible closeness, like the relationship between best friends. Now, as for Rei herself, she has some traits that feminists definitely value. She’s very ambitious she has some interest in men, but would rather focus on achieving her career dreams first. She’s also quite generous she offers up space in Hikawa Shrine for her friends to study in, and joins them, even though she doesn’t need to take a high school entrance exam. She does this entirely out of solidarity. She also regularly uses her gift of premonition to help her friends, not herself. Rei is someone who knows exactly what she wants out of life her confidence contrasts nicely with Ami’s character. Here is a character who encourages women to dream, and dream big. Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino: Makoto is one of the more interesting characters when cast into a feminist light. What Makoto is good at, and the things she loves doing most, are traditionally domestic hobbies like cooking, baking, and cleaning. Being domestic is not the least bit anti-feminist, as women should be able to be whatever makes them happiest. One subtle aspect of her character is her body insecurity, which is a common issue for women that gets comparatively little media attention. As a very tall, athletic and curvy girl, Makoto often feels self-conscious about her body especially since she is stereotyped by others as a tomboy. She breaks the stereotype of what certain â€Å"types† of women are â€Å"supposed† to be interested in. She is much more boy-crazy than the others, but I see this more as a manifestation of loneliness. She is an orphan, and while incredibly independent, she has no one besides her friends to confide in. Makoto is one of my favourite characters because she does not allow herself to be confined to anyone’s idea of what a young woman should be. Her protective instincts and fierce independence are incredibly admirable. Sailor Venus/Minako Aino: Minako combines a few of the traits of the others (leadership and bad habits from Usagi, ambition from Rei, athleticism from Makoto) but still manages to stand completely on her own. As the personification of the Goddess of Love, Minako’s made it her life’s mission to bring love and joy to others. Her career ambitions are even more defined than Rei’s, as she is shown actively pursuing becoming an idol singer. She was also chronologically the first Soldier to awaken, and this was an inspiration of strength, independence and courage for Usagi. Her backstory, which revealed that she chose to fake her own death rather than come between her two best friends’ romance, despite being in love with one of them, shows tremendous self-sacrifice. Although I would hope no one would have to make the choice Minako did, it’s an important message that sometimes our dreams don’t work out, but that people go through tremendous maturity and growth when they learn to let them go and seek out new dreams. Venus’s self-confidence and determination towards her dream career is another good message learn what you’re good at, love what you’re good at, and don’t let anyone try to bring you down. Sailor Chibi-Moon/Chibiusa Tsukino: Long story short, she’s Usagi’s future daughter, and she’s like her in every way. Starting with the S season onwards though, she starts to come into her own as a distinct character. Usagi has a natural ability to befriend people, but Chibiusa is lonely and, having grown up in isolation as the crown princess, doesn’t really know how to approach people. She also starts out spoiled, but it is excused in that she is physically about 5 years old at her introduction. Where Usagi is ditzy and flighty, Chibiusa is often surprisingly wise beyond her years and is an excellent student traits, I believe, she inherited from her father. One feminist aspect of her character is her devotion and admiration for her mother. By this, I mean Neo Queen Serenity, not Usagi. Chibiusa values NQS’s grace, maturity and strength. Her greatest dream is to become a mature young woman like her mother eventually became. Chibiusa herself eventually ages to about preteen/early teen age and is much more emotionally mature than how she was at the beginning of the series. This shows the series’ willingness to allow its characters to grow and change, like a real woman would. Sailor Pluto/Setsuna Meioh: The Outer Senshi as a whole are noted for being a little bit older (with one†¦interesting exception) and a little bit wiser than the Inner Senshi. No one personifies the gifts of age and wisdom better than Setsuna. She is the Guardian of Time, and is thus more-or-less immortal because of her duties. However, her duties, as important as they are, are also a curse. She must remain aloof and separate from the others, except in times of crisis. We see glimpses of the loneliness (loneliness is kind of a theme in this series) this causes, but she is incredibly stoic and refuses to let this on to others. She is not  truly  aloof, as we see in her relationship with Chibiusa. She is incredibly kind and supportive to her, and many have recognized this as a kind of bittersweet maternal instinct. When she adopts a civilian life, she is established as a brilliant scientist, with skills in both biology and physics. This is an important feminist message, as it reaffirms that women have equally valuable skills to offer in the maths amp; sciences. Sailor Uranus/Haruka Tenoh: I’m going to digress a little before I get into analyzing Haruka’s character. Uranus and Neptune were my first introduction to homosexual relationships. Although they were never shown kissing, it was obvious to me that they were in a romantic relationship. And, because I benefited from a largely agnostic upbringing, my only thought as a kid was, â€Å"Well, that’s unusual, but so what? † I credit these two characters for showing me that a lesbian relationship is just as loving and just as valid as any other one. It is a feminist belief that people should be allowed to embrace and affirm their sexual identities. Now, as for Haruka herself, she’s one of my absolute favourite fictional characters. She’s even more tomboyish than Makoto (she often physically presents herself as male, though since she identifies as female she is not transgendered) and is an incredibly talented athlete and race car driver. She also possesses a genius intellect. Despite her tough exterior, she shows a â€Å"softness† streak in her personality. In the S season, she is much more uncomfortable with the harsh choices she and Neptune must make in order to prevent the world’s destruction. In the episode when Usagi’s heart crystal is stolen, Haruka is shown slamming down in frustration and grief at the thought of having to sacrifice Usagi’s life should her heart crystal be one that forms a world-saving talisman. Haruka is wracked with guilt and sees her hands as being dirty, and must be reminded by Michiru that although the sacrifice of three innocent people is horrible, the destruction of the world is much worse. She is thus an example of someone who defies the stereotype of the tough, masculine woman by demonstrating empathy and vulnerability. In addition to this, many of the younger fans have had difficulty understanding Haruka’s appearance and sexuality (such as thinking that she’s a hermaphrodite or carries the soul of her nonexistent twin brother or something), so she’s an important example of how gender expression and sexuality can and will differ from the â€Å"norm. † Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh: The polar opposite of Usagi. And that’s great, because one of this show’s greatest strengths is to show how diverse young women can be. Michiru is a gifted artist, both as a violinist and as a painter. She is about 15-16 when she is introduced, but has already made a career as a world-class performer and artist. Haruka often plays piano as her duet partner. She is also quite athletic, but prefers swimming (since it is her element) to running. She complements Haruka’s outward masculinity by presenting herself with a traditionally feminine appearance. Similarly, while Haruka is the â€Å"softer† of the two when it comes to performing their duties, Michiru defies the ultra-feminine stereotype by having a much colder and more determined outlook. She and Haruka are absolutely inseparable; two sides of the same coin. She serves as another important feminist example that â€Å"traditional† gender performance and sexuality have nothing to do with each other. She defies yet another stereotype of women, especially lesbian women. Sailor Saturn/Hotaru Tomoe: My personal favourite. Another character who experiences incredible loneliness, her character arc explores her new friendship with the equally lonely Chibiusa while she struggles with poor health and a mostly absent (and as we learn later, possessed) father. Her friendship with Chibiusa is absolutely adorable. It is an almost ideal best friend situation no rivalry, no clashing of personalities. They just genuinely enjoy spending time with each other. Chibiusa, now having learned how to be a good friend, worries about Hotaru and does everything in her power to help her. In the S season, Hotaru has the incredible burden of carrying three separate identities the good (herself), the evil (Mistress 9) and the neutral (Sailor Saturn). Uranus, Neptune and Pluto’s mission is to prevent the awakening of Sailor Saturn, who has the power of life and death and is prophesied to destroy the world. At the end of the season, Hotaru overcomes Mistress 9’s possession by drawing power from her love for others, namely her father and Chibiusa. This love also allows her to turn the prophecy on its head; she uses her destructive powers to destroy evil from its inside, knowing that she will not survive the effort. But, since she also has the power of life, she is instantly reincarnated as a baby, and rescued by a despondent Sailor Moon. She is similar to Usagi in this sense since she is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for others. Her storyline is resumed two seasons later in the Stars season, and has some very interesting feminist subtexts. Sailor Pluto, recognizing that Saturn’s power will soon be needed once more, adopts Hotaru from her amnesiac father. Due to the pressing need for Saturn’s power, Hotaru grows physically and intellectually at a staggering rate. Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka raise her together, and Hotaru sees each one equally as her parent, calling them Setsuna-mama, Michiru-mama, and Haruka-papa. Similarly to how positively Haruka and Michiru’s relationship is depicted, alternative families are thus depicted positively in this series as well. I hope you have enjoyed my feminist analysis of the main Sailor Moon cast. This will not be my only examination of the series, as there is so much more I want to say and not enough room in one Tumblr post to say it. The main point I want to get across is just how incredible and important this series is for women of any age. It depicts female characters of incredible strength, ability, kindness and diversity. It shows us just how badly we need more shows like Sailor Moon in the world, and how very little attention is given to superheroines. (Still waiting on that Wonder Woman movie, Warner Bros. ) 20 years later, Sailor Moon is still groundbreaking, still influential, still feminist. And in the name of the Moon†¦that’s pretty awesome. Original source for the character images borrowed from  Manga Style!.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

My Vagina Monologue Essays - Memory Blocks, Innocent Mind

The Violation- No child should ever have to experience the unnatural and sickening feelings of being physically and emotionally violated by any person, especially a loved one. I was still a baby, an innocent mind, a little two year old that worshiped her father. How could he do those awful things to me? This question along with others stayed with me forever and will always remain unanswered. I told my mother and the police the same thing over and over ?daddy did this to me? (gesturing the slap of my face), ?he did this to me? (grabbing my throat), ?and he did this to me? (touching my vagina). Although I can?t remember the details of the occurrences of molest and abuse, I can remember the feelings, it?s like it just happened. I still remember the room where it took place, and I remember the ugly pink hair brush he would hit me with that left horrible welts on my body. The abuse did more than hurt me, it affected me in several ways and it had a huge impact on the woman I grew to become. For example, I now suffer from memory blocks, and according to the psychologist, this is my brain trying to protect me from those detailed memories. I have lost memory of so many of the good moments in my life because of him and what he did to his only child. I am damaged. Never to be repaired, and I have carried the baggage with me throughout my life so far and I have allowed it to affect who I have become and the decisions I made thus far. This is where it all started. No Longer a Virgin- I guess I was always trying to find acceptance from boys, I tried to please them, hoping they would like me. At fourteen, I must have thought putting out would make that happen. I was never satisfied, I still felt empty. From one guy to the next, thinking something would change, but it never did. I felt worse because I was sleeping with different guys and in a cycle of letting myself be used repeatedly. I realized I was making a name for myself when Darius, this handsome older guy at my high school started writing me notes and seemed very interested. His letters were so sweet and he was extremely funny. He came over one day after school and immediately was expecting me to sleep with him. I turned him down, and he got very upset with me and left. He was fuming mad! I couldn?t believe this sweet guy was acting this way. The next day at school he wrote me this nasty note calling me a bitch and a tease because I gave it up to other guys but I wouldn?t for him. I was devastated, still fin ding nothing but disappointment in men, still only wanted for my vagina. Did I not have anything else to offer? Am I no more than my vagina? Rock Bottom- At sixteen, even though I didn?t recognize it at the time, I began to fall into a depression. My self-esteem was diminished, and I still earned for love and acceptance from men. I started drinking which only led me to more sex and subjecting myself to dangerous situations and much disappointment. I started dating Shawn, a really cute senior who seemed to like me very much. His friend was interested in meeting my girlfriend, so one Friday his friend rented a hotel room and my girlfriend and I went there to hang out. We consumed a large amount of alcohol, and I was extremely inebriated. When Shawn showed up to see me, he was disgusted by my drunken state and behavior and left me there. I was crushed. I passed out. I awoke to a strange man on top of me and he was inside me. This had to be a nightmare! I screamed and kicked to try and get him off me but he just held my wrists against the bed and kept going. I was terrified he would come inside me and I continued to yell and scream. The s creams woke my girlfriend and together we finally got this animal to